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Jacarei, MAY 13, 2012

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THE UPPER ROOM 95 Anniversary of the Fatima apparitions, COVA DA IRIA, PORTUGAL, TO THE SHEPHERDS Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta.
MARK: "Forever-be praised Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" (Pause)


"My dear children, today, when commemorating the 95 YEARS OF MY APPEARANCES IN THE PIT OF POOR WOULD OF FATIMA, PORTUGAL IN, IN THE YEAR 1917, to my three little children Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, I come once more to call you : the prayer, conversion, penance and peace.

I heard the call that I gave at the Cova da Iria, open your hearts to My call maternal and follow the road that then I have pointed out: the return to God, his flight from the occasions of falling into sin, the seductions of the world should follow the road of good, love, joy and grace.

I heard my call motherly that I gave at the Cova da Iria, walking every day on the road to contempt of the world and yourselves, so love God with heart truly pure and free from all bondage to things vain and transitory. For your hearts so full of light, joy, peace, happiness, can give the world a true testimony of how a heart that truly loves the Lord, although suffering in this life, enjoy the perfect peace, ie , that peace which comes from the certainty of the love of your God, are sure to love their God with all your heart, the peace that passes all human understanding.

I heard the call that you made in maternal Cova da Iria, following the path of penance, looking every day to repair the harm that you already have committed in the past over your life, doing good, trying to spy on your sins, accept with peace gentleness of spirit and the sufferings that the Lord allows you to cleanse you.
And while looking sanctify yourselves always and increasingly the practice of sacrifices and heroic efforts to help save the world and your brothers.
I heard the call that I have done maternal Cova da Iria on that occasion, consecrating yourselves to my Immaculate Heart and living as true consecrated him, that is, living in my spirit, mimicking My virtues, loving God as I love, love the around the same as I gave you an example and following the footsteps of My sanctity and perfection, so that there you may actually be the race of the Woman Clothed with the sun, My offspring, the children in whom I am well pleased I meet and where My rest and my delights.

If you you live the consecration to my Immaculate true as I have asked at Fatima, following the My Messages and live with me forever more, and through me, so soon the world will become, you will come to a new era of peace, where your eyes will see the great wonders that the Lord prepares for those who persevere in these times tight end in His love. Those who did not betray his love for the love of the world, to these, the Lord reserves a crown of imperishable glory, booking such wonderful things that even the saints who are in Heaven wished to give a thousand lives to be able to see it still in mortal life that the Lord prepares for you soon.
In Triumph of My Immaculate Heart will know a happiness, know peace, a joy to know, know a new life completely different from this which you now you have.
Your life will be a transcendental life, is a heavenly life, you will live immersed in profound union with God and this union will live every day of your life being one with the Lord in love. A life that awaits you soon, but for now you must chegueis her fight the good fight, persevere in prayer and firm in everything I do as you asked, and, above all, you have to be brave to suffer the tribulations of these end times that even unto the Lord allows.
Do not be afraid! I'm with you! You are not alone!
Not a tear, moan escapes your hearts My maternal vigilance, I am aware of everything and everything in due time I will remedy and solution to give you my children.
Trust in My Love! Never heard that one mother had seen her son in pain and she had become inert, and do nothing for him. Your Mother in Heaven is much more than the mothers of the Holy Land also can never fail to comfort you, to console you, to love you and the date set by the Lord bring you good news of Victory.

Forward! Continue to pray for the conversion of the world, Russia and the United Nations that are in great danger today with the advancement of apostasy, violence, hatred, atheism and rebellion against the Law of the Lord. Because only one great power of prayer, only a great barrier of fervent prayer can hold back the forces of Satan, My adversary.
In the Rosary every day that you pray in My Hands depositais a great spiritual mystic force, with which I save many souls, I join with the strength of your prayers and my prayer that returns to Earth as a deluge of fire, the flood of My FLAME OF LOVE with which abraso and touch so many hearts of My children sinners every day.

I moved on! Never think that your prayer is not sterile and produces no fruit. I do not always with prayer that your return close to you, to reach your eyes, but I always come down to earth, like a flood abundance of love that transforms and saves many millions of souls.
So little children, I went ahead confidently followed my voice and doing everything as I ask.
Here in this place of My Apparition in Jacareí What is My last Cova da Iria, the continuation and completion of the plans that I began in Fatima, I feel this place so simple, I feel happier than if I were the richest and most grand palace on earth. Because here I am truly loved, I am truly served, I am truly obeyed by so many children that my silence and seclusion of your day-to-day: I love, serve and meet me and everything I have told them. To these my children and especially to you Mark, the most dedicated and hard of My children, My children now bless generously from LOURDES ... of Fatima ... and Jacarei.
MARK: "Beautiful Princess of Heaven-who are you? '" (Pause)


"My Dear Brothers-I, MENA, servant of the Lord, the servant of Mary, I come today to give you my first post, give you peace and cover you with My mantle of love!
Give your hearts to the Blessed Virgin, with love, generosity and perseverance every day, always looking over your will to resist the corrupt and rebellious, denying her everything she wants and giving LADY OF FATIMA, the Woman clothed with the sun, LADY PEACE your yes, your love, your heart, your whole life for everything to serve for the Plans of Salvation which she did for all mankind, and there you may be in the hands of the Blessed Virgin a tool skillful, effective and always ready, that she can use to accomplish His works of grace in the midst of His children.
Give your heart to the Mother of God of Fatima, trying all day to not only what most pleases God, but also trying to do all that ye may do with your strength for the Lord, the Mother of God, by salvation of souls, so that your life is truly a vibrant hymn to the Lord and love Him. And the souls listening to that song of love in your lives, ie, seeing God's love, presence, the grace of the Lord and the Lady in your life and in your souls, they also want to follow you as the way of love, by way of grace, the way of holiness.
Give your hearts to the Mother of God, always looking for more love La with all the strength of your heart, without fear that ye love a lot, because you never to love him more than Jesus loved. Follow the example of the Master who for thirty years was submissive and obedient to her and you also obey the doing it because you go after the road of perfect love, grace, salvation and Christ will grow in you every day in your lives ever more until the fullness.

I MENA, will be at your side to help you. Do not be afraid! Because holiness is not a path as impossible as many think. Holiness is only difficult for those who refuse to let go of themselves and the world. But for those who have become detached, which gave the crucial first step, primary, holiness becomes light, becomes sweet, becomes a true life of joy each day.
I am with you to help you grow in holiness, persevere in the love of God and the Blessed Virgin, because the punishment is too close, the notice is at the door and now you can not come back earlier because of you are already a few steps from great renewal of the world, ye shall receive the grand prize which the Lord and the Mother of God reserved for those who followed the road of life, the road of prayer, love and purity so far.
Stand firm, because the enemy wants to overthrow the servants of God now in the last few meters, the last great stretches of the walk. Do not let Satan you drop, for it always turn more: prayer, meditation, silence, thought, to union with God. We have recourse to the saints and angels that both can and want to help you.
Try also cultivate in your souls the Christian virtues: kindness, generosity, truth, sincerity, humility, obedience to the Lord, His promptness in service so that more and more in your souls to consolidate the virtues that make you always more pleasing to God, the Mother of God and you will reach the prize, the crown of eternal life that the Lord and the Mother of God hath promised. Following the road of virtue will have secured the crown of glory for you.
This crown is reserved for you. Come brothers! Correi to meet the Lord and the Mother of God who comes to you to give peace to the world! Deliver Them always follow your hearts and later in the Peace of the Lord.

I MENA, now extend over you My mantle of love and cover you always over with the blessings of the Lord. "
"MARK"-See you soon! See you soon dear Santa Mena!

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